New Shredding Options

The Department of Purchasing would like to announce to the campus community that we have contracted with a new vendor for Shredding Services – DocutBit, LLC . Shredding will continue to be conducted on a departmental basis, and though pricing and availability for scheduled pick up have changed slightly, the pricing for this service remains very reasonable and different options are available based on your shredding needs.

If you consistently (at least once in either a 4 or 8-week period) shred large amounts of confidential material, it may be in your best interest to have scheduled pick up and service, though, again, this depends on frequency and volume. The cost (to be paid by the department) remains only $30 per pick-up for up to 3 bins of material. If you do not recycle large amounts of confidential material, but still want a bin, you may have one installed for a one-time fee of $150 and an additional fee of $30 per pick-up.

However, if you are shredding only once per semester or once a year, the purge option makes the most sense. Purge material is shredded and priced on a per lb. basis. Please note that there is different pricing for the shredding of hard materials such as HDDs. If you require shredding of such materials, and have questions about pricing, process of destruction, or if you have information security concerns related to the destruction of these materials please reach out to Shane Harris in the Department of Purchasing at or 622-1656.

Check the attachments below for container options and for NAID AAA Certification.

If you would like to establish service or change your current service or schedule, please reach out to Eric Caldwell, DocuBit’s representative, at or 859-792-8311. 


$10.00 per console (Serviced every 4 Weeks)
$15.00 per cart (Serviced every 4 Weeks)
$30.00 minimum stop charge (covers first 3 consoles or 2 carts)
*Pricing includes all material inside of containers- no extra per lb. rate or installation cost applies for containers serviced every 4 or 8 weeks.

$15.00 per console (Serviced every 8 Weeks)
$20.00 per cart (Serviced every 8 Weeks)
$30.00 minimum stop charge
*Pricing includes all material inside of containers- no extra per lb. rate or installation cost applies for containers serviced every 4 or 8 weeks.

$150.00 installation per console or cart
$.15/lb of material serviced “AS-NEEDED”
$30.00 minimum stop charge (covers first 200 lbs of “AS-NEEDED” Containers)
*With this option, EKU will only be billed for initial installation and per-lbs shredding as needed**

Other Pricing “As Needed”:

Paper one-time purge project: $.15/lb
Non-Paper Media: $2.00/lb (CD's, floppy disks, flash drives, data tapes)
Hard Drives: $10.00/ea (See “HD Process DocuBit” in Supplier Attachments for process)

$30.00 minimum stop charge (PLEASE NOTE: This applies if the vendor is not servicing other material for less than $30 at the time of service. As an example: If Human Resources has 3 consoles being serviced every 4 weeks and the vendor services 1 extra Hard Drive then the total service charge would be $40.00 (3 consoles X $10 + 1 Hard Drive X $10)- Minimum charge would not apply for the Hard Drive Service.

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Published on April 04, 2016