New Shredding Options

Due to the demise of EKU's industrial shredder, Shred-It has been selected as the University's preferred shredding vendor. Shredding will now be conducted on a departmental basis instead of carried out via Facilities. There are costs involved, but the pricing is very reasonable and different options are available based on your shredding needs. 

If you consistently (at least once in an 8-week period) shred large amounts of confidential material, obtaining a secure, locked bin that stays in your office and is picked up at a frequency of your choice is in your best interest. The cost (to be paid by the department) is only $30 per pick-up for up to 3 bins of material. If you do not recycle large amounts of confidential material, but still want a bin, you may have one installed for a one-time fee of $150 and an additional fee of $30 per pick-up.

However, if you are shredding only once per semester or once a year, the purge option makes the most sense. Purge material is shredded and priced on a per-item basis (shown in table below), but a $30 minimum is required.

For more information or to make shredding arrangements, please contact Ashley Thacker at or 622-4978.


Purge & Extra Material Price
Banker Box $4
File Box $6
64 Gallon Tote $24
96 Gallon Tote $35
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shred-it_containers.pdf51.56 KB

Published on April 04, 2016